COVID-19 i3PT Response

In response to COVID-19, i3PT Certification will be operating “business as usual”, with some minor but significant changes for the foreseeable future.

  1. Our teams will be attending all project meetings remotely via video conferencing, using Zoom orMicrosoft Teams.
  2. We will maintain site inspection activities at the same frequency as usual, albeit maintainingstrict social distancing and observing good hand hygiene.
  3. We are encouraging all staff to work remotely, but our four offices will remain open toaccommodate staff who do not have such facilities.
  4. In the event that staff do need to visit our offices, they will maintain strict social distancingand no external personnel will be invited to attend meetings.
  5. If anyone experiences symptoms of COVID-19, they will notify the CEO and Operations Directorsimmediately and follow national guidelines with respect to self-isolation.
  6. We have launched a new on-line support service for CertCentral users which appears on the top of thelaunch screen. It is labelled CC University and it allows users to ask questions and view shortinstructional videos.

Note: It has come to our attention that some sites are operating a ban on “non-essential” visitors to site, it is our position that the Assigned Certifier and related teams are essential personnel, given our responsibility in statute to inspect throughout the lifetime of the works i.e. while they continue to build we are duty bound to continue to inspect.

The following extract from the Code of Practice should be noted by all project stakeholders, “The building owner must nominate to the building control authority the Assigned Certifier who will perform inspections throughout the lifetime of the works and certify compliance once the works have completed”. 

Given the critical nature of our work, we will do everything we can to maintain business continuity for our clients and the occupants of the buildings that we certify.