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Everything we do is about improving quality in construction


At i3PT, we care deeply about improving culture and behaviours within the construction industry. Our job is to ensure that quality and compliance are achieved in design and construction. We achieve this simply and independently, through our excellent people and our innovative technology.

  • Our client-base includes some of the largest companies in the world, many of whom entrust us with their assets and rely upon us to protect their interests.
  • Our multi-disciplinary team comprises of experienced engineers, architects, surveyors and tradespeople, which means that we have both a wide and deep knowledge base to draw upon.
  • Our CertCentral® project software is innovative and yet simple to use. It has been designed by construction professionals, making it more intuitive and practical to work with.
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Mar 23, 2020COVID-19 i3PT ResponseIn response to COVID-19, i3PT Certification will be operating “business as usual”, with some minor but significant changes for the […]READ MORE i3pt
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Our Services

Doing the right thing


i3PT provide a number of key services to the construction industry, all of which are focused on improving quality, as well as protecting the interests of our clients and the public. Every service we deliver places professional ethics at the centre of our decision-making. In a complex industry, we constantly ask of ourselves and others the simple question, “Is this the right thing to do?”.

Service Offerings



i3PT lead the market in independent Assigned Certifier services



Our QA team inspect and snag buildings throughout construction and completion stages.



i3PT provide an independent and robust Design Certification process for BCAR.



Our multidisciplinary team provides full-service client-side technical advisory for Design and Build.



i3PT manage quality for large scale infrastructure projects and perform inspections for compliance.



Our sustainability team provide a range of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) services on construction projects.

Our Software

CertCentral® manages and tracks multiple workflows for design teams, from design management and technical submittal reviews, to field inspection and snagging.

The File Manager common data environment simplifies design communication and notification management. The Query module allows users to raise and categorise queries from the field and desktop, tracking responses and statuses on the live Dashboard.


CertCentral® enables project managers to view all critical workflows using our simple and intuitive dashboard, as well as instant Excel and PDF reports and trackers. Meeting minutes can be captured, distributed, logged and tracked using CertCentral®, eliminating needless administration and manual updating of actions.

Every workflow, from design development through to O&M is easily tracked using our simple traffic light system.


CertCentral® is designed by construction people, so it’s intuitive and easy to use. The contracting business has become increasingly complex over the past decade and the introduction of digital technology, whilst welcome, may not always assist contractors in delivering their goals.

CertCentral® allows contractors to reduce administration, increase accountability and positively influence the behaviour of all design and construction team members.


Putting Quality at the centre of your project

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