Greener, Safer, Better.

We work with some of the largest organisations in the world, making our built environment better, safer and more sustainable. A catalyst for real and lasting change.

Protecting value and reducing risk for our clients

At i3PT, we care deeply about improving standards, culture and behaviours in the property and construction sectors.

Our teams work with funds, developers and asset managers to ensure that assets are designed, built and operated in a manner which contributes to a carbon neutral future. Our rigorous, science-based approach ensures that we protect our client’s interests, whilst also protecting the planet. This means that i3PT clients do not need to choose between “doing good” and “doing well”.


For Investors

i3PT work with investors, funds and financial market participants to protect their investments and demonstrate their due diligence.

For Developers

i3PT works with the development community to maximise value, reduce risk and meet the increasingly sophisticated demand of investors, funders and occupiers.

For Occupiers

i3PT works with some of the largest multi-national corporations in the world on corporate HQs, data centres and production facilities, ensuring that the highest standards are met and exceeded on new capital projects.

Making it Easier to Design, Build and Operate.

Our independence, our process, our digital platform and our multi-disciplinary expertise set us apart.
Our knowledge-base is both deep and wide, and we place ethics at the centre of every decision we make.

A single platform for the entire asset life cycle