ESG Services

Enhance ESG compliance across projects

Making “Green” Less “Grey”

i3PT are dedicated to providing consultancy and technology which allow clients to deliver demonstrable excellence across their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives.

How do we work?

Our team ensures that our clients are focussed on ESG at a strategic level, rather than simply focussing on tactical or operational measures.

We have a unique blend of expertise including engineers, physicists, architects, trade specialists and certified ESG analysts. This enables us to consider ESG at a macro/strategic level, as well as knowing exactly what needs to happen at asset level in order to ensure “True Performance”.

Our software team at CertCentral® then enable clients to digitalise all of their core ESG tasks, metrics and KPIs. This provides clarity around accountability, instant reporting and centralised data for future audits

As such, we work with clients to build coherent actionable ESG Strategies and we work with their teams at portfolio or project level, providing technical evaluations, digital solutions and building pathways to Net Zero.

Core ESG Offerings

ESG Strategy

Too many companies view ESG solely as an operational or tactical challenge, something that they must do to satisfy investors, funders and/or customers.

Whilst ESG does require a coherent operational framework in order to deliver results, it is not advisable to “leap to action” before first developing a meaningful ESG Strategy. Otherwise, companies may target the wrong initiatives and track the wrong KPIs.

i3PT assists our clients to develop meaningful ESG strategies which can protect people and our planet, without destroying value which has been built by an organisation’s stakeholders…

New Build/Retrofit

When planning, designing and constructing a real estate asset clients must increasingly be aware of ESG criteria for funders, clients and indeed for their own organisational goals. Much is known about how to deliver energy efficient buildings and our industry is very familiar with green building certifications such as BREEAM, LEED, NABERS and HPI.

However, to-date efficiencies have been focussed principally on operational carbon and the industry has not had a clear definition of “sustainable”. As we target a Net Zero world, embodied carbon must also be tackled and industry stakeholders need to go beyond green building certificates, if they wish to label their assets as “green” or sustainable.

Portfolio Analysis

It is a well-worn statistic that existing real estate assets generate almost 18% of all green house gas emissions (GHGs). This is a staggering figure and it highlights the criticality of responsible acquisition and ownership, an activity which is targeted in the EU and UK* taxonomies. The new rules which govern sustainable finance set clear guidelines for our industry and it is widely accepted that this will begin to impact on asset values within the very short term (some surveys indicate that it already has). To date, the industry has fallen quite short on our Net Zero targets. In fact, deep renovations that attain energy savings of 60% or more occur in a tiny 0.2%-0.3% of the stock…

Services by Asset Lifecycle Stage


  • ESG Project Strategy
  • Lifecycle Assessment
  • EU Taxonomy review
  • Adaptive reuse/ Adaptability assessment
  • Digitalisation, Common Data Environment and O&M


  • Green/Wellness building certification services e.g - BREEAM, LEED, WELL, HPI.
  • Design review including but not limited to:
    • EBAR assessment to predict potential energy performance gaps
    • Regulatory compliance assessment
    • Green building certification gap analysis.


  • M & E commissioning and validation services
  • Building envelope commissioning and validation services
  • 3rd party quality and compliance inspections
  • Cost optimality assessments for Capex vs Opex


  • Post-Occupancy Surveys for Defects Liability Period
  • Energy Performance Gap analysis and recommendations
  • uality assurance inspections Snagging and End of Defect Period
  • Project Information Storage and Accessibility